Telecom Services

The types of GIS Services / GIS Mapping Services we provide include;

  • GIS Data Collection (Primary and Secondary Capture Techniques)
  • Data Conversion, Realignment and Conflation
  • Landbase Creation and/or Insertion
  • Migration of Legacy Systems and Data to Alternative Platforms
  • QA/QC
  • Georeferencing, Rectification and Vectorization of As-laids / Builts
  • Whitespace Management
  • Data Model Development
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Fibre Planning

CAD Drafting Services including;

  • Planning to As-Built CAD Drafting
  • Permit Coordination/Markups
  • Revisions
  • QA/QC
  • Profile and Cross Section Data Creation
  • Civil, Topographic, Electrical and Mechanical Drawings
  • 3D Modelling (LiDAR)

The types of Records Services we provide include;

  • Verification and correction of record mismatches and duplication
  • Data entry
  • Data updates
  • Document scanning and imaging
  • Database QA /QC
  • Metadata creation

Our GPS Technicians/Technologists are all fully trained to provide the following services;

  • Field Asset Inventory
  • Pre-Construction / Construction GPS Survey
  • Fast Deployment
  • Centimetre Survey Grade Collection
  • QA/QC
  • Locates Coordination and Acceptance
  • Stakeouts Including Property Limits and Easements
  • Trimble Equipment
    • R8, TSC 3 – cm grade
    • GeoXH 6000 – cm grade
    • Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station

We provide highly accurate, three-dimensional point cloud images that enables the end user to view, navigate, measure and analyze the 3D data using GIS and/or CAD software. Our LiDAR services include;

  • Terrestrial Scanning
  • Data Conversion
  • DEM, DTM and Contour extraction
  • As-built 3D CAD Drafting

Why Choose Us

      • We conduct our business with integrity, teamwork and respect for our clients business objectives. QSP establishes long-term relationships with clients and vendors who share our principles.
      • QSP’s Principal, Directors and staff all have a broad base of traditional surveying, CAD and mapping experience, along with a thorough understanding and accessibility to current software technologies.
      • Our history of success has been achieved by evolving our tools and methodologies to meet the project end goals for each and every one of our clients and adapt when called upon to increase resources and work scopes.
      • QSP maintains and implements a robust multifaceted experienced driven Quality Management System. Our management systems focus on planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting to ensure continual improvement. QSP monitors activities to support overall planning and established measures that incorporate project, resource and cost management.