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Engineering & 2D/3D CAD Design

For more than two decades, we’ve been creating 2D CAD drawings for our clients, including topographic and profile data production, 2D site plans, construction drawings, resurvey plans and station drawings. Utilizing a variety of different sources of information including exisiting records, assets photographs and LiDAR scan data, our drafting services also include 3D CAD to create and/or update 3D intelligent models containing utility infrastructure with corresponding information for both above and below grade assets.

Geospatial & GIS Services

We partner with clients to visualize, analyze and manage geospatial data so that they can set priorities and strengthen their businesses for a more resilient future. From GIS data collection (primary and secondary capture techniques) to mapping utilities, cadasters, parcels and topography, we provide ongoing operational GIS support services for improved decision-making. Utilizing the latest software including ESRI, Autodesk, Intergraph, Bentley Systems, SafeSoft FME, and others we’re focused on accurately converting, storing and retrieving spatial data.

Data migration & Conversion

Data migration is the process of taking your existing data from one system to another. This process often requires modifying the data from your legacy system and converting it for a new data environment. From planning to initiating, converting, designing, testing and full execution, our experts take a strategic approach to augmenting your data management. Whether for storage, cloud or application purposes, our experts will deliver your data migration on time and on budget so that you can get the most out of your data!

Records & Data Management

Now more than ever, companies must keep current and accurate records of their assets. However, with enormous amounts of information being collected and added to a database, it is easy to lose track of the quality of record information that is contained within it. This makes creating, keeping and maintaining reliable records daunting. Our records services include verification and correction of record mismatches and duplication, data entry and updates, document scanning and imaging, data quality assurance and check, as well as metadata creation.

Field Services

By providing guaranteed quality through internally enforced processes, procedures and standardized deliverables, our clients can immediately integrate our field collected data into their GIS database. Our GPS technicians and technologists are all fully trained to use survey grade GPS equipment, recognize the potential impacts of environmental conditions and know how to optimize the quality of the assets or landbase features being collected. QSP also provides field inspection, asset audit and conditioning surveys, asset resurvey records, topographic, stakeout, layout and as-built services.

Planning & project management

From concept through to completion, we provide economical and efficient turn-key planning and project management support through the lifecycle of your project. Leveraging our team’s experience which spans across thousands of executed utility projects, with the diverse skills and expertise across our organization, we deliver your projects with exceptional efficiency so that you can focus on your company’s bottom line.

Utility design markups

We provide utility design reviews and markups to identify conflicts, report and mitigate potential conflicts with proposed assets and manage variance/exception requests for utilities. With a large staff of analysts trained in utility design and drafting, GIS and utility records, we can provide and manage a high volume of markup and utility circulation services to meet your timelines.

LiDAR Imaging

Using light in the form of a pulsed laser, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) measures ranges to the Earth. It’s a particularly useful tool when examining environments accurately and precisely. Utilizing terrestrial laser scanning, we provide highly accurate, three-dimensional point cloud images that enable the end user to view, navigate, measure and analyze 3D data using GIS and/or CAD software.

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